The purpose of the Program is to provide to the youth of our community the opportunity to learn to play the game of football while developing in them the principles of good character including: responsibility, sportsmanship, fair play, courage, leadership, respect for rules and regulations, as well as to foster scholastic achievement. It is the specific intent of the Program to develop and promote such qualities by providing supervised competitive football games.

Each registered participants family agrees to the flowing:

I hereby acknowledge that I have read & understand the terms and conditions in this section regarding volunteer requirements for Warrington Warrior Football and Cheerleading.   All families are expected to complete two (2) snack stand shifts when requested along with 1 field lining session to satisfy your organizational commitment.  Families are also expected to fulfill volunteer roles for individual teams that include but are not limited to chains, time clock, announcing, videotaping and play counting.  All parents of registered children are members of Warrington Football and Cheerleading and are expected to participate in the team & organization requirements in order to receive your deposit back at the end of the season.  Registration fees defray only a portion of the overall costs of insurance, uniforms, equipment, field maintenance and general operating expenses. I assume full responsibility for any and all equipment issued by Warrington Warriors. I agree to return same in a reasonably clean condition less normal wear and tear, and will assume responsibility for any lost or not returned items.

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